Training and Facilitation


Food and Beverage Service Skills and Supervisory Training

This programme covers elements of the preparing and clearing areas of restaurant service, types of restaurant or function service. It also covers customer service for local and international clientele. Staff are trained to work in a safe and hygienic manner and understand the importance of a professional appearance. 

This programme is presented at introduction (new waiters), intermediate (experienced waiters) or supervisory/management level. 

Supervisory/Management training will include elements of leadership development.


Duration of training programme: 2 days (14 hours)

Attendance only: 2 days training 

Accreditation and certification: 2 days training and 1 day assessment

The professional service and knowledge of South African wines can be added on to this training programme. Please discuss this option with us.

Generic Customer Service Excellence Training; including cultural awareness in dealing with local and international clientele

The customer service training programme is a generic programme which focusses on the general acceptable treatment of customers, based on the Western Business Culture. 

The programme is designed to train staff members who directly deal with customers in any business sector. The programme focusses on the expectations of customers; how to retain their business and encourage them to recommend your business.

During this programme staff members are taken through the preferences of South African customers from different cultures, but also that of various international clientele.


Duration of training programme:

Attendance only (basic knowledge and practical case studies)1 day (7 hours)

Training for accreditation and certification3 days

Accommodation Service Training (Housekeeping)

This programme covers the following elements:

    - Prepare and handle linen & bed coverings.
    - Service guest bedrooms.
    - Maintain housekeeping service / maintain housekeeping supplies.
    - Clean and maintain public areas.


Duration of training programme: 2 days

Attendance only: 2 days training

Accreditation and certification: 2 days training and 1 day assessment

Domestic worker training in entertainment, food preparation and general housekeeping practices

This programme covers the following elements:

    - Table setting and décor ideas for specific types of menus or themes.
    - Health and hygiene practices around the house and in the kitchen.
    - Mise-en-place (Pre-Preparation of food items) and the basic cooking for family dinners.
    - All Housekeeping elements.


Duration of training programme: 4 days (1 day per week)

Attendance only: 4 days training

Certificate of attendance